Experienced Disability Access Personal Consulting

Opportunities, not obstacles 

Solutions, not situations 

Breakthroughs, not barriers

Mission Statement:

 Develop relationships as a liaison between academic institutions, employers, and people with disabilities. Assist academic institutions in developing working protocol and accommodations for Service Dog handlers and people with various disabilities to include psychiatric and invisible disabilities to provide equal opportunities while ensuring safe access for all. 

Identify and assess risk in science laboratories and assist facilities with laboratory components to develop working and functional accessible environments for people with disabilities including Service Dog handlers. 

Provide one-on-one consulting, and mentorship for people with various disabilities transitioning into academics or the workplace. Work as an advocate between the individual and employers to produce the best possible positive outcome. 

Opportunities, not obstacles 

Solutions, not situations 

Breakthroughs, not barriers

SPEAKING TOPICS: Overcoming Adversity Service Dogs in Science Life After Trauma Service Dog Education Understanding PTSD

Consulting and Mentorship: Individualized personal consulting, advocacy, and mentorship

What Empower Ability Can do for you



On-site or remote consulting available for individuals, businesses, or educational institutions. Pinpoint problem areas, and identify solutions then follow through with assistance in implementation. Continued support available remotely or on-site to trobleshoot additional problem areas.  



On-site or remote one-on-one mentorship to assist in life transitions. Specializing in post-trauma transitions into academics and also service dog access.  Provide mentorship for people with disabilities.  Also specializing in people with psychiatric disabilities to include anxiety, depression, and PTSD, TBI, learning disabilities, and service dog handler's.  



On-site or remote discussions and consulting to assist individuals in need of an advocate for physical or mental disabilty access, post-trauma disability access or service dog access. First, Empower Ability will assess, and then problem-solve situations while providing  guidance on how to proceed. In person assistance in mediating between employers or academic faculty and administration to identify solutions. Continued support available remotely or on-site to trobleshoot additional problem areas. 

Risk Assessment


Work directly with educational institutions to identify potential hazards for a service dog in science laboratories and provide a plan to reasonably accommodate the handler. On-site assessment followed by a detailed report that identifies problem areas and provides solutions and direction. Available for remote or on-site trouble-shooting. 



On-site presentations to groups, organizations, or departments on overcoming adversity, transitioning into academics with a disablity, service dogs in science, life after trauma, academics after trauma, academics with PTSD, academics with a service dog, general service dog information, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), domestic violence, childhood sexual abuse, and mental illness.  

Why Us?


In the words of Timothy J. Nugent, who is considered the "father of accessibility" for fighting for the rights of people with disabilities through policy changes, program development, and advocating for accessibility laws.  "The presence of a problem is the absence of an idea." 

Empower Ability Consulting believes firmly in the mission statement:

 Opportunities, not obstacles  

Solutions, not situations 

Breakthroughs, not barriers

Let us help you find the solutions. 

Empower Ability Consulting does not give legal advice

About Us


Joey Ramp has been an advocate and consultant for disability services with a focus on individuals with service dogs, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and traumatic brain injuries (TBI) since 2012. After sustaining 23-broken bones, a traumatic brain injury (TBI), and developing PTSD after an accident in 2006 she partnered with a service dog to rebuild her life. Her ability to connect with people post-trauma comes from experience in developing her own management toolbox. Facing barriers and obstacles managing PTSD/TBI and with a service dog in science drove her to find and develop solutions that provide equal access and opportunities for service dog handlers in science. As a mentor she provides assistance to people with psychiatric disabilities, learning disabilities, and those transitioning into academics. Her approach is non-judgemental, and applies her shared experience with understanding and compassion. Her goal is to help individuals build life skills over time that will empower them to manage their lives independently with confidence. 

 As a Neuroscientist and a problem-solver with years of experience she is passionate about developing innovative solutions for equal access to an education and the workplace with a focus on, but not limited to, science and research. She shares her passion by helping others and designing solutions that empower people to reach their potential and realize their abilities.

Why Empower Ability?

Through years of experience working directly with people with disabilities and service dogs in academic institutions, in science fields, and the workplace Empower Ability can help design workable solutions that produce positive outcomes. 

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