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 "Service Animals in the Lab: Who Decides?"

NPR ShortWave Science Podcast. January, 2020

USciences Establishes Procedures for Service Animals in Campus Labs

University of the Sciences. March 2020

Les chiens d'assistance ont - ils leur place au labo?

Quebec Science. March 2020

"Dogs for Diversity"

The Biologist Science Journal

The Royal Society of Biologists. February, 2020

"When Should Service Dogs Be Admitted into the Lab?" 

The Scientist Magazine. November, 2018

"Infographic: Welcoming Service Dogs into the Lab"

The Scientist Magazine. November, 2018

 Sampson: ACE Award for Service Dog.Video

American Kennel Club. December, 2018

" 2018 ACE Award Winners: Meet the 5 Heroic Dogs Being Honored This Year" 

American Kennel Club. August, 2018

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